Hospital / Restaurant

Hospital / Restaurant
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Bronzite Collection
The Bronzite range of one, two and three lamp T8 and T5 fixtures are particulary suitable for genera..
Emerald Collection
The Emerald  multi-purpose wide batten range of luminaires comprise of T8 single & twin lam..
Fortress Collection
The comprehensive fortress range of clean room luminaires offers a high build quality for maximum pr..
H2O Collection
The H2O range of one, two and three lamp surface mounted, sealed ( IP65) whether proof luminaires, a..
Jade Collection
The comprehensive jade range of surface clean room fixtures provide a high build quality for maximum..
Kyanite Collection
The Kyanite wide diffuser batten range of luminares comprises of a T8 single lamp in 600mm, 900mm, 1..
Lapis Collection
The Lapis Collection of fixtures are a low profiles T5, energy efficient luminaires that can be moun..
Original Collection
The Original budget range of one, two , three and four lamp T8 luminaires are particulary suitable f..
Pearl Collection
The Pearl Collection of surface or recesses mounted luminaires, comprise a white finished body and m..
Signature Collection
The Signature slim body range of luminares comprise of both T8 and T5 Single and twin lamps in 600mm..
 Nuumite Collection (T5 Low Glare direct & Indirect )
The Nuumite range of indirect T5 fixture are suitable for general use in both commercial and demesti..
iOlite Collection (iOlite Led Flood Light )
The lolite LED floodlight range is available in a choice of four housing sizes, and wattages ranging..
Revolution Collection
The new Revolution range of luminaires using T5 lamps with high efficiency reflector optics are part..
iOlite Collection (iOlite Square Led Narrow Beam Downlight)
The iolite recessed mounted LED Square downlight is available in one cut size only (130mm). Offering..
iOlite Collection (iOlite MR16 Downlight)
The Iolite LED MR16 downlight provides a universal lighting solution for reception areas, corridors,..
iOlite Collection (iLine Surface/ Suspended Luminaire)
The iLINE LED range is suitable for general office, work station and retail applications. This lumin..